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French Flag Colors French Flag Colors 238782 French Flag French Flag

French Flag Colors 238782 French Flag

watch french air force mix up flag colors on bastille day in one of the most anticipated moments of the grandiose parade nine alpha jets of the air force patrouille de france acrobatic unit were supposed to fly over paris and release colored smoke making up the tricolor blue white red french flag what do the colors of the french flag mean worldatlas france has had numerous flags throughout the country s history but its current flag is known as the french tricolour tricolore in the french language and features three vertical bands of blue hoist side white and red flag of france the flag of france french drapeau français is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue white and red it is known to english speakers as the french tricolour or simply the tricolour french tricolore tricolour flag a tricolour or tricolor is a type of flag or banner design with a triband design which originated in the 16th century as a symbol of republicanism liberty or indeed revolution flag colors the meaning of color in flags kidsworldtravels flag colors are all different colors on flags e in different tinges so red is not always the same red and blue is not the same blue as you can see on these flags here

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